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The Benefits of Having a Corporate Concierge

What is the best way to show your appreciation to your employees? That’s where a Corporate Concierge comes in. We’ve spoken about it before, and it isn’t a gimmick. It benefits your organization in the long term. Of the many challenges companies might face, one of the most glaring issues is keeping employees happy and motivated.

It concerns your work-life balance, which forms part of an employee’s critical daily struggles. Therefore, it is paramount for a company to strive for a healthy work environment, and one of the best ways to do so is through an employee benefit plan that includes a concierge service.


But what is a Corporate Concierge?

By definition, it is a program that provides business assistance to an organization’s employees and clients. It is a benefit that shows how much you value your employees and offers many advantages that reflect the company’s corporate culture. Some duties include personal assistance, social activities, dinner reservations, buying tickets and doing business with clients.

A corporate concierge is a top-rated solution for businesses who want to focus on the following:

  • Recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Inclusive benefit offerings
  • Employee well-being and work-life balance.

These programs are popular for companies of any size. And suitable for employees from all walks of life in any environment or industry. Based on recent studies, these programs are known to add tremendous value to the company.


What are the Benefits?

Attracting Quality Employees.

For anyone focusing on employee retention and recruitment strategies, having a corporate concierge program as a benefit is likely to attract potential candidates who better fit the requirements and qualifications set by the employer. These employees believe that you, as the employer, are invested in their careers and well-being.

A Healthy Work-Life Balance.

A healthy work-life balance has a different meaning for every individual. But it tends to be when one feels fulfilled and content with work and leisure time. Employees who don’t view work as a chore are likelier to work harder. A healthy work-life balance promotes two extra things:

  • A Decrease in Absenteeism
  • A Strong Work Culture

Companies that look into incorporating a corporate concierge program acknowledge the importance of a strong work culture, which contributes to a healthy work-life balance. In tandem, there are fewer health problems to deal with thanks to a significant decrease in stress which results in a reduction of absenteeism as well!

The Bottom Line.

We all should know that higher revenue does not equate to higher profitability. So you need to look inward, namely, at the last points. First, it promotes productivity, which will then show an increase in profitability, which strengthens the bottom line. Which we can all agree brings economic value to the business.

It won’t be a headache.

The business can ensure that the program functions smoothly. The concierge service (that’s us!) will handle the implementation, management and administration for you. Through these processes, there will be continuous improvement throughout the company!

But these are only some of the many benefits of having a Corporate Concierge service. Here at Top Notch Concierge, we tailor packages to provide select services for businesses and business guests and a customized quote.

These services include:

  • Hotel Reservations
  • Administrative Support
  • Transportation Arrangements
  • Event Ticket Purchases
  • VIP Welcome / Meet and Greet
  • Weekend Support for out-of-town Guests
  • Arrange catering, meal pickup
  • VIP Support
  • Errand Running
  • Local Tour
  • Dry Cleaning Pick-Up and Delivery
  • Personal Care Services

These can be personalized in with our Corporate Concierge Packages:

Lifestyle Package – includes:

  • All personal services
  • Select Corporate Services
  • 24hr Notice to book or cancel
  • Available to Employees Only
  • Flexible Packages Available
  • Non-transferable

Diamond Package – includes:

  • Business Guests Only
  • Admin Support
  • As needed basis
  • All corporate services available
  • 24hr Notice to book or cancel
  • Non-transferable

Considering all we’ve discussed, there’s no fundamental negative attribute to considering a concierge program for your company. So, if you’re looking into this benefit for your employees, feel free to contact us. We can answer any questions and provide comprehensive details regarding our above pages.