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Our personal assistant services help to reduce stress while giving back more time, harmony and balance to our clients’ lives. From running errands, minor repairs, installations, decor, staging, shopping and much more we specialize in prioritizing and helping you reduce your time consuming tasks. Making life easier for you while maintaining the highest level of service is our focus in providing a first-rate concierge experience


Making your home more functional, organized, giving you back control and reducing the clutter is the priority with our home organization services. We will work with you or for you based on your preference. The choice is always yours. One of the things that truly sets us apart is understanding that creating  personalized organizing systems should be as individualistic as you are.

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Providing employees concierge services as a benefit shows how much your employees are valued and important to the growth of your organization. On top of adding value to your employees lives, saving money and time, it also improves their work-life balance. In return, employee loyalty, engagement and productivity increases along with an enhanced company culture. In addition to corporate packages, our business services are a time saving benefit for busy professionals.

Corporate Guests

In addition to your employees, providing a concierge for your out of town guests and potential clients is another excellent service for your organization to offer. Providing assistance in finding a hotel, local tours, admin support, transportation arrangements, recommending the best local restaurants, arranging caterers or ordering meals for meetings are just some of the advantages a concierge adds to your organization.

Our Concierge Packages & Services

Life is not one-size-fits-all, which is why we offer several options with our concierge services. Whether it is to simplify your life to have more balance and harmony, organization, time management, focus to grow your business or personal assistance with tasks, we have several packages tailored to suit your needs. From  personal to professional, we are confident we can assist our clients reach their goals and have more time to enjoy the things that matter to them.

What our clients are saying...

“I had no hesitation in signing on again with Top-Notch Concierge.”

I highly recommend them. Completely satisfied with their personal services package, efficiency and the overall customer service. A real time saver!
Barbara Robinson
President - Norton Engineering

"Thank you, thank you, we are so very pleased!"

We both wanted to express our massive gratitude and amazement with what has been done to date with our house! You have not only immensely helped us rethink a number of our spaces but have also encouraged us to think more strategically about what we need and what we do not.
Claire Basinski
Project Manager
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