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7 Winter Activities in the Waterloo Region

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Find out about these seven winter activities you can do in the Waterloo Region of Ontario.

Winter is upon us! With no more restrictions, why should we stay indoors? We now have loads of room to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. So let’s look at what’s available to us. The Waterloo region provides many opportunities to get out and unwind during the cold winter. We’ve done our research to select the best destinations for you.

Look at these Top Notch picks for winter activities and events in the Waterloo Region.

More than thirty Outdoor Skating Rinks

Ice skating is not limited to a particular location in Kitchener. From December to March, more than thirty skating rinks will operate with the help of volunteers. These rinks are open from 9 AM to 10 PM daily, giving you ample time to get on the ice when you feel like it. So, if the weather is just right, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing just where you want to practice your spins or spend time on the ice with your family this winter.

It’s downhill at the Chicopee Ski Hill

With a rich history and a slope that entices both skiers and snowboarders of varying skills, this Ski Resort offers a unique and fun winter experience. The resort offers lessons, day access and membership access. In addition, it provides up-to-date information on the slope conditions so that you won’t make any last-minute decisions in vain. You’ll have time to take a break and warm up because two food and drink facilities are available.

The Silvertip Lounge offers a full-service, casual-dining experience around a warm fireplace and picturesque views. It’s a great place to enjoy an après ski beverage or take a moment to relax. At the same time, the Chicopee Hall provides a cafeteria-style experience for those who prefer quick stops instead of dine-ins.

The Walter Bean Trail

With several access points and proximity to the Grand River, this trail is a popular destination for walking, cycling, rollerblading and even cross-country skiing. In addition, the course takes you through a historic location. In 1839 The Doon Mills were completed; only a tiny part remains of what was once a thriving town.

St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market

This much-loved tradition isn’t going anywhere this winter. The St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market is open throughout the year! On Thursdays and Saturdays, you’ll see hundreds of vendors selling various items, from fresh produce to art and collectibles. The list is endless! But it’s not just a market. It’s home to the largest population of Old Order Mennonites in Canada. The market has a history dating back to 1952 when there used to be only about twenty-five to thirty vendors. So isn’t it wonderful that it’s grown so much since then and remains as popular today?

You’d need to look and see for yourself to get an idea of how amazing it is.

Fancy a little Ice Fishing?

The Grand River Conservation Authority provides a few choice winter trails that can be hiked or skied. In addition, the reservoir at the Shade Mills in Cambridge makes for a nifty spot to spend the day ice fishing. Here fishing enthusiasts can be sure to nab a northern pike, yellow perch and even black crappie with their choice of bait. Finally, the facility offers a cross-country skiing and snowshoeing experience for those less inclined to fish.

There’s also Pinehurst Lake, a 9-hectare kettle lake that offers a fantastic landscape for snowshoeing and ice fishing. But its beauty comes from the mature Carolinian Forest that surrounds the lake, making it an excellent place for camping and picnicking in the spring.

The Gift of Lights

Take advantage of the beautiful family-friendly drive-thru light display at Bingemans this holiday. The Gift of Lights will be around until the 31st of December, when you can witness two tunnels with over three hundred light displays for the warmth of your car. The event has a radio channel that you can tune in at 103.3FM. A must-see for December!

Toboggan at McLennon Park

A fun destination in the warmer seasons and a wintry paradise throughout the year’s colder months! The hill at McLennon Park is considered one of the best for tobogganing, wouldn’t you agree? The park is fully accessible and has pedestrian trails, picnic tables and shelters.

Of course, these are just seven among countless things to do around the Waterloo region. Top Notch Concierge & Organizing can happily provide you with an extensive list and do the legwork to enjoy these awesome winter activities without the stress of figuring out where you want to go! So get in touch with us today to discover more!