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Apps to Keep You Organized

Do you ever struggle with keeping track of the many tasks we each have to do throughout the day?

Have you maybe missed a deadline or realized a meeting has started without you?

While it may happen to everyone now and then it’s not something any of us want to get into a habit of.

We all know it’s best to lead by example – be on time, be prepared for the meeting, and know what our schedule entails for the day.

Fortunately for us nowadays, there are no shortages of apps to make certain our day, week or month will stay on track, and we remain in front of each day’s challenges. Whether it’s bullet journaling or utilizing applications on our phones.

 Below is a list of several applications that have been utilized by busy professionals like yourselves and proved themselves able to get the job done. There are the tried and true which have helped us for some time now and others that have been voted best applications for 2023.

Take a look and see which ones you may already be using, would like to switch to or believe they may just be the solution that will take you to the next level when it comes to managing your day.

This application works fantastically between all electronics such as your phone, tablet and computer! It allows you to streamline your work for maximum productivity. Monday is helpful for one individual and entire companies, allowing you a high-level view of your company, make confident decisions and customize your workflow. If you’re not that into customizing, then don’t stress! Monday has over 200 templates, so it should be easy to find one that works for you!

Google Tasks

On top of being a versatile application that is built into your Google Account, Google Tasks is free and fully integrated with other tools and resources that Google offers. You can use it alongside your emails, calendars and documents to keep track of your daily tasks, important deadlines and lists. This system is straightforward to use, and since most people have a Google Account, it’s right there for you to begin utilizing!


This program fashions itself as an all-in-one project management platform that is both smart, robust and secure. It offers personalized dashboards usable on all electronic devices, such as your phone, tablet or computer. Wrike works phenomenally for individuals and teams by offering a comprehensive view of progress, workloads, and important to-dos and allows you to choose exactly what you want to see at any given time. On top of that, Wrike ensures peace of mind with industry-leading security that protects your work and allows you to control your cloud data. You can integrate apps such as Google, Zoom, Adobe and even Slack!

Tasks: To Do Lists

Another beautifully designed application is Tasks: To-Do Lists & Tasks. This free to-do list and reminder app will keep your busy life organized and simplifies it! The wide selection of colors is a valuable tool for those who deal with ADHD, and the interface itself remains facilitated across all platforms. On top of this, the application is secure and private. The application also offers a premium option for more functionality based on what you want! Their website also provides several resources to help you navigate the interface should you find some difficulty.


Finally, last on our list is an application called Smartsheet! This application offers custom solutions that fit your work at any scale, individual or organization. Not only does it integrate with applications like Google or Zoom, but it also provides you with a streamlined dashboard and a rich set of workflows to organize your busy day seamlessly. The application works across multiple platforms and allows for easy project management and collaboration. With a fantastic customer support system, Smartsheet allows its users to breathe easily.

With our top picks, which application do you think works best for you?

Here at the Top-Notch Office, our team uses various applications to keep on track with daily tasks, and it’s never been easier. Get a head start this year, and start choosing by using an organizing application today! You’ll find your busy days far easier to manage because of it!