Simplify Your Life

Why is simplifying your life so important? Because everything in your life takes up space. Whether it’s mental space, physical or calendar space you only have so much space.

Simplifying your life will give you more time, space and energy. The more space you have the freer you will feel to truly enjoy your life.

10 Tips to Help You Start Simplifying Your Life Today

Organizing tips to help reduce the stress:

  • prioritize your to do list and cancel any non-essential items or appointments .

  • declutter, place a declutter box by your front door and put a “clutter” item in it everyday .

  • feel comfortable saying no more often and take time for the things you want to do, self -care, meditation and time by yourself to relax and slow down.

  • have a simple and quick morning routine.

  • create a home organization system that works for you.

  • reduce the number of goals you are striving for in your life

  • minimize your screen time – phone, TV, movies, games, tablet etc.

  • declutter your mind of negative thoughts & unhealthy habits

  • cut toxic people from your life

  • take charge of your finances, create a budget with clear goals

Holiday Organizing

The excitement and anticipation of the holiday season can bring out the kid in us no matter how old we are. It’s a beautiful thing! Spending time with your family and friends sharing old memories while creating new ones is certainly a happy and warming experience that we wish could last just a little longer. Unlike children though, the “adult” in us unfortunately has a little more to wonder about than when is Santa going to get here! Shopping, cleaning, organizing, planning, decorating – are you getting stressed just thinking about it all? Let’s help you start a new tradition this year, less stress and more fun! Here a few tips, links to ideas and a holiday checklist to help make this holiday season as relaxing & enjoyable as it’s meant to be, Happy Holidays!

Check the links below for additional holiday tips and organizing checklist…

Organizing tips to help reduce the stress:

  • Start planning early – who to buy for,  gifts you’re buying, meals you’re prepping, Christmas card, food you need to buy, parties you’re hosting or going to etc
  • Make your lists and check off as you complete each task, keep everything in a holiday folder that’s easy to get at for quick reference
  • Do an inventory check and replace items as needed – gift wrap, decorations, broken bulbs, dishes if you’re hosting any holiday parties etc.
  • Wrap gifts as you purchase them or schedule a wrapping day and be sure to keep date
  • Schedule some time for YOU. It’s important to take time for ourselves to relax and consider much we’ve already accomplished. Enjoy!