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Staying motivated and inspired when running a home business!

For many of us, having our own business is an exciting opportunity to see a dream come to fruition. We have all these great ideas on how we are going to successfully run our business and of course we should. We excitedly share our thoughts with our friends and family. With overwhelming confidence we visualize our success, all our customers and how pleased they will be with us. The first few months fly by and we are literally on a high, nothing can slow us or our adrenalin rush down. Confidence is oozing everywhere! And then it happens, growth is not happening as quickly as we had anticipated, adrenalin exhaustion sets in and the confidence killer, customers are not knocking down our doors. We are tired, alone and start to question our motives for doing this. Where are all the customers we visualized having? What are we doing wrong? Can we or should we continue on? Suddenly the dream is becoming nightmarish and starts to lose momentum and may even become a chore. It’s difficult to stay focused and have the motivation or inspiration to continue on.


It happens to most of us and slightly more often when you are home based and the only one running the business. However, “this too shall pass” is an excellent proverb to keep in mind and continue to believe in your dream. This little dosage of reality does not mean it is time to quit. It means you have reached a new chapter in our business growth and it is time to pull up your socks, sort of speak, and be disciplined with yourself. It’s time to develop a new business mindset and get back to growing your business!  

So how can you do this? Here a few strategies to consider which can make an actual difference in finding the motivation to encourage you so you can get back to growing your business.

Have a morning routine: Get up at the same time every day, at least a couple of hours before your business opens to allow you time for you. Avoid looking at your phone – even for personal reasons. A 20 minute workout, stretch or yoga is an excellent way to get your body back in shape and also stimulate the endorphins to awaken some positive feelings. A 15-20 minute meditation or just time to visualize the day ahead quietly is also another great way to start your morning and get you in the right mindset. 

Dress for work: It’s easy to stay in your PJ’s or comfortable sweats all day when you’re in a home based business but it’s important to break that habit and start dressing for work. This new habit will help to create a new mindset and looking and feeling good is a great confidence builder. Always be prepared to meet with customers or engage in a business meeting. 

Have a schedule and be realistic: Plan your day the day before, be realistic. It doesn’t all have to be done in one day. Schedule jobs to the hour and stay on track. Remember to prioritize, take breaks and lunch and avoid distractions, stick to your schedule. If there is more work than you can realistically handle, it is time to consider getting help. Occasional, part-time or even full-time help; any of these are an investment for you and your business. You can not do it all and you shouldn’t.  It’s important to be realistic, honest with yourself and share the workload. Seeking help is a smart business tactic that will pay for itself in exponential business growth and success. 

Have a business Open/Close time: Start and finish your business day at those times. It’s important to stay on schedule and have very little deviation from that. It’s also important to separate your personal time from your business time. Doing this creates a sense of it being a business, not just a hobby and lets you have your personal time. When starting your business it is very likely you will have to work extra hours but schedule these as well and when it’s time to call it a day be sure to follow through on that and again be realistic and avoid burnout. 

Eat healthy, get lots of rest and drink water: Staying healthy is important for a lot of reasons and your business is one of them. Staying hydrated is as important as eating smart and getting plenty of rest. Besides quenching our thirst and a number of other important benefits, water has a major effect on our energy levels and brain function. Two requirements that are especially important when running a business. 

Read and/or Watch Videos: Commit to read an article, book or watch videos on successful business people and/or inspirational people everyday. Even if it’s someone you may not fully agree with, you may learn something that can help you and it will certainly give you a new perspective. Doing this everyday helps you grow and sets the tone for a positive mindset. YouTube’s, Evan Carmichael’s Top Ten Rules for Success are well done, inspiring and informative videos. Follow this link on Maya Angelou and her success rules.   

Join a networking group: Being a home based business owner can be very lonely. Joining a networking group has many benefits you should consider. It is a great way to meet people who are also business owners, develop relationships, gets you out of the office and puts your brand out there

Let us know how all or some of these approaches have helped you.