Is Vacation Calling You?

Hello, Rick and Maggie from Top-Notch concierge here. 

Why House Chek is essential While You Travel!

Emotional strings aside, home is one of the greatest investments for many homeowners and that alone stands to reason they will protect it at all times. It is also generally assumed that when the home is occupied that the homeowners are going to be aware of any potential danger. They would be able to respond quickly and in most cases mitigate any damage that may be occurring. If they are not there then the potential damage could be devastating.

Every insurance company sets their own in-house mandates for what will the home insurance policies contain. It is safe to say that most home insurance policies in Canada will have a clause that pertains to what is required if the home is going to be vacant, such as; that a responsible person was given the task of inspecting the home if it was going to be unoccupied more than four days. Some insurance companies may insist on this for three days of unoccupancy.

Be sure to read your policy before travelling and let your insurance company know you will be away and you have competent responsible person checking your home and contacting you as well as  police, security company, or utilities in the event of an emergency or break-in. 

Knowing your home is safe and well cared for in your absence is a perfect end to a wonderful vacation! 

What Our House Chek Services Provide:

We provide clients with peace of mind and assurance knowing that their home is checked thoroughly and regularly as per their insurance policy and their own personal requirements. Services are completely customizable and in addition to the check points listed below we also water plants, confirm lawn, garden, and snow removal services are being done. All House Cheks are logged with date, time and duration. Photos and / or videos provided at the homeowner’s request. We will in the event of an emergency or break-in immediately notify client and any other required authority or professional. Home security company contact available 24/7. 

Interior check for leaks on all visible plumbing, under sinks & appliances

Check electrical panel for tripped breakers

Ensure all windows & doors are locked; signs of attempted entry

Untitled design (8)

Mail, flyers, and newspaper pickup; complete visual exterior check

Exterior check for signs of property vandalism

Post storm check; document damage & immediately notify clients

Starting from as low as $22.50* a visit!


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*Based on a 30-minute check, other fees and charges may apply. Fuel surcharge may apply.