Some questions our customers are asking

More time for the things that are important, convenience,  saving money, peace of mind, reduced stress, simplified lifestyle and so much more. 

Yes, we are covered by commercial liability insurance that includes an employee blanket bond. Our staff have a thorough background and criminal record check. 

No, we are happy to provide services to members and non-members. The advantage of being a member is that you receive promotions which are exclusive to members!

No, there is no membership fee. All that we ask of our members is that you sign up and keep your membership active by using our services.

Yes, we keep it on file as our services are prepaid and for any additional purchases you authorize.

Yes, for services you may need when you are not at home, We will need a copy of your house keys and a signed Key Release form.  

Yes we do and we take our customers’ personal and confidential information very seriously and treat it that way. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

No, our customers are responsible for any additional costs or fees.

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